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Needing a New, New Year Hangover Cure?

Kimchi Ramen. Photo from NoRecipes.

Happy New Years Eve! With tons of drinking, partying and celebrating the coming 2014 New Years tonight, people are getting ready to stay up late to watch the countdown, but aren’t so excited for the possible hangovers the next morning. “New Year, New Me” and needing maybe a new hangover cure? Let’s see what are some of people’s favorite hangover cures from North America, Asia and the Pacific!

North America

Khaopiek (Kopia, Kowpia) by hinaochison on Flickr.

“Kopia. Pho. Water.” – Chameng. Des Moines, Iowa.

“Pho. Hashbrowns. Dim Sum” – Tay. Los Angeles, California.

“Being from California, pho and Mexican food do wonders” – Jason. San Fransisco, California.

“Pho, Kowpia and Fries.” – Jennifer. St. Paul, Minnesota.

“Pho at Quang’s, Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken & Waffles.” – Sandy. St. Paul, Minnesota.

“Spicy Kimchi Ramen Noodles, Hu Tieu My Tho and Bun Bo Hue. Just basically Hot Spicy Asian Noodles!” – Matt. Dallas, Texas.

“This sounds typical but Sunny Side Up Eggs, Maple Bacon, one super sweet Clementine, and some coconut water. If I can get this also: legit poutine from Montreal” – Harrison. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Coconut Water. Photo from dineouthere.


Longanisa, Pork Tocino, Beef Tapa, Corn Beef Hash, and Garlic Fried Rice. Photo from Yelp by Jason M.

“Pork tocino with garlic rice, a side of beef caldareta, and oxtail cooked in coconut milk with taro.” – Michael. Guam.

“Anything high in cholesterol”. – Aron. Melbourne, Australia.

“Hash brown, Mcmuffins, Congee” – Eric. Hong Kong.

“Tomatoes!!! Anything with it and chilli!” – Daryl. Las Piñas, Philippines.

“Drinking a lot of water and take a lot of sleep” – Pac. Bangkok, Thailand.

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