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“Dej” is a short film written and produced by Dan Yang, a Junior college student at the The School of The Art’s Institute of Chicago. In this video, he features a short experimental film about one of his favorite Hmong proverb, “Water flows forward, never backwards”, a story that surrounds these two lovers. He is currently residing in Chicago, but is originally from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

“Well this is for my final project for a “new media” class which is more experimental film making, so I wanted to have the images tell the story. I was also encouraged to make it in Hmong by my professor, because he said that maybe the meaning of my videos would be stronger if they were in Hmong. So I based my video off of a Hmong proverb that I heard a lot as a kid and adapted into a modern day interpretation” says Dan.

The word “Dej” is actually a Hmong Romanized Popular Alphabet word that means “water” and is pronounced as “Day”. Dan Yang has a short film coming soon in the Spring 2014, called the “Red Sting”.

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