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SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN (Attack On Titan) Review

Jennifer Thao


Imagine living within tall, brick walls, that stood 50 meters high off the ground for the past one hundred years without disturbance from the outside world. Daily routines were just something boring to the mind. All of a sudden, your world becomes chaotic because some 60-meter-tall, human-looking “Titan” decided to break down the walls and led in hundreds of hungry Titans that ate half the human population. Your world just got crazier and more extreme.

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) is one of the most craziest series I have seen so far. The plot of the story is mostly centered around these characters: Eren Jaeger, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, and their friend Armin Arlert. Ever since Eren and Mikasa witnessed their mother being eaten by a Titan, they swore to get revenge by killing off all the Titans on Earth. So they trained themselves for live action to fight against these crazy giants.

What is even more crazy is when Eren turns into a Titan himself! One moment he’s fighting a Titan and saving his friends, the next moment you see him get eaten, and then the next moment you see him emerge out of a beaten down Titan?! What the heck happened there?! Turns out his father did something to him and now Eren is on a mission to uncover his father’s research and discover more about the mysterious Titan creatures.

In all honest truth, if this were to happen in reality, I’m pretty sure the human population might fall. Human knowledge today may be advanced in technology, but in survival skills, only few people have the abilities and knowledge of how to survive. Overall, it’s a very intense anime series that has many graphic images and situations, such as people being shredded into pieces and being eaten by the Titans.

The anime series has reached 14 episodes on, but the manga on has reached Chapter 47. You should check out this series because it is wicked awesome and quite exciting! Stay tune for more reviews on different anime and manga series in the near future! 

My question to you Anime and Manga lovers out there, what is your opinion on this series so far?

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