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Autumn Fashion Trends 2013

Nico Sese. Los Angeles, California

Nico Sese. Los Angeles, California

Autumn is here and is one of the most exciting seasons ever! As temperatures drop, layers of clothes are being added, accessorized and styled. From the West Coast to the Far East coast, scarves, colors, florals and patterns, let’s see what the rest of the world is wearing for this Fall 2013!

North America

Chicago: “I see a lot of people wearing florals, high waist pants, crop tops, that’s what I’ve been noticing, and the whole ombré thing, that’s what I see a lot of girls doing”. – Alzen

New York City: “A lot of leopard and animal prints”. -Marc

San Francisco: “I guess you can say a lot more men are dressing in button ups and blazers.” -Nico

Los Angeles: “Short shorts, harem pants. Topshop stuff. More classic haircuts, trendy haircuts, slick back hair.” -Ivan

Las Vegas: “Everyone’s just going for that hipster look. Everyone. LOL. High-lows are on every girl everywhere. That’s all. LOL.” -Benjamin

Toronto: “Trends are always quickly changing and people are dressed in every kind of style you can imagine, it just depends on which neighborhood you’re in. The most notable trend right now would be the drop crotch/harem style pants. It’s funny cause Prabal Gurung says they should not be happening but they are”. -Van

Honolulu: “Most people just wear shorts and T’s. Because it’s really hot here no one really dresses up. I mean…girls tend to wear shorter shorts and tanks or nice tops with really short shorts, but boys tend to stay towards board/surf shorts and t-shirts. I mean, you do have your people who like to dress up in like jeans and nice shirts but then they usually regret it because they’re always sweating”. – Christopher

Vancouver, Canada: “Scarves, layering clothes, Burgundy color is in”. – Clayton


Toni Tran. London, England.

Toni Tran. London, England.

London, England: “I believe denim is back. They’re trendy and there are different types of denim products like a denim jacket. For t-shirts they normally have a design at the front and the back is plain white”. – Hao

Edinborough, Scotland: “Brown, ankle and combat boots are quite popular right now. I’m also seeing a lot of dark skinny jeans paired with layered outer shirts (sweatshirts), etc.” – Sandy

Normandy, France: “For girls, having a Longchamp bag AT LEAST (in Paris it must not be surprising to see teenagers with bags that can cost more than 1,000 euros) – skinny/slim jeans. Actually, over here, teenagers tend to think they’re already old enough to wear high-heels, tons of makeup and to carry their handbags as if they were princesses. Concerning guys, I’d say that some brands that have been striving lately are Vicomte Arthur, Ralph Lauren, and Franklin & Marshall. Guys are often wearing casual jeans, with a sweater/hoodie. Funny thing is that I think many guys try to look like American people by wearing hats and stuff like these. There’s no real fashion style here, it’s more like you need to get the most expensive clothes so the others think you’re rich. It’s stupid but that’s how it works here. But I’d say the basics are trendy; a nice blazer, a simple polo, shirts, and casual but yet classy chic pants. Shoes; I don’t know what you call these, we call them derbies here. I think they look really nice. I’d say to be trendy…mix casual and classy clothes together.” – Jerry


Chris Ian. Manila, Philipines.

Chris Ian. Manila, Philipines.

Melbourne, Australia: “Black. All black is always in, also indie shit. At the moment, blue/green hair. Well, Melbourne always has this all black look, but with influences from European culture.” – Joshua

Hong Kong: “AAPE is cool in Hong Kong (A Bathing Ape Clothing Company). Pretty standard I think. Flannels with jeans, Hollister and A&F is big, murses – the ones that strap along your chest and outline your pecs. Oh! Chucks are always in as are pennies! EVERYONE has Martens rain boots and nice long umbrellas, not the ones that can retract.” – Eric

Tokyo, Japan: “Well, there’s a lot of styles so it’s hard to just generalize all Japanese people as wearing the same thing, but most everyday guys wear polo that have stylishly placed embellishments on the sleeves, near the colors and emblems on the chest along with khakis or jeans that had some kind of fabric pattern trim at the leg. Pants and shorts that are kind of like capri but stop at the shin were popular too. There were a lot of boys that had pants with a navy blue, white polka dot trim.

Girls for the most part are very into being girls. There’s a lot of pastels such as pink, blue, some yellow. Most girls wear cardigans or something very long sleeve even in the heat because they don’t want to get darker. There’s a lot of skirts or short shorts worn too. Basically all Japanese girls live in heels, even if they can’t walk in them well. Not high heels, but some kind of heeled shoe. Whether it’s a leather loafer or a cute looking shoe, it will have a heel. Lately it looked like a lot of girls were into wearing a very noticeable blot of blush to their cheeks in a bright color, like maybe an orange or a pink. It wasn’t super clubbing but it was a light, strong pop of color.

Both genders dye their hair to very creamy shades of brown, some going a little blonde, but most stayed in the realm of brown.

I think a fashion trend among girls are the cat eyes. I saw a lot of girls wearing that from all fashions.” – Bryne

Cebu, Philippines: “Really funky prints on button downs.” – Shayne

Saigon, Vietnam: “Most of them like urban style right now. I think they’re influenced a lot by the American fashion currently, not Korean fashion anymore. Guys like wearing tanks, denim jacket, snapback, sneakers, baseball jackets. Girls like dungaree, loafer shoes, crop top, things like that”. – Ted


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