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Just Married in San Diego


“Because you looked cute” said Neil Zhao recalling how they first met each other in December,  though they don’t quite remember the date, but they recall that it was at a Thai restaurant during the weekend. Both 23 years old, Jorge Ayon is a U.S Citizen and Neil Zhao is a Chinese citizen.

“I thought he was really cute, and I like the way he was dancing, because we met at the club, but that was the first time I asked him out for dinner” said Jorge.

So when did you guys decided to get married?

Jorge: I pretty much found my best friend, like we do everything together now, we like all the same things, we buy the same fucking soap, like when he first started sleeping over, I noticed that we had the same deodorant and had the same body wash and I was like “No wonder he smells so fucking good”.

Jorge: We do everything, we bonded over that…

Neil: He likes spicy food too, not really huh?

Jorge: Not spicy food, I’m getting use to it… It felt weird being away from him, like when we weren’t together, texting him would not be enough.

Neil: Awww.

Jorge: He’s the one who proposed, get that one straight!

How long were you guys together for?

Neil: 10 months?

Jorge: 9 months? If we count it…

Neil: Cause we started to date Febuary, yeah…

How did you tell your parents?

Jorge: How!?! Well I took him to meet my mom, like I had to move some things back, and so I took him with me, and they thought that he was my roommate, I didn’t tell them we were dating at that time, but my mom assumed later.

Jorge: And then his mom and grandmother flew over from China and stayed with us for over a month and we told her after she left.

Neil: And she loves him, haha.

So Neil, what made you propose to Jorge?

Neil: He’s the one you know? I feel like I want to live with him all my life, so I decided to propose.

When did you propose to him?

Both: It was July 27th.

How did you go on?

Both started laughing. Neil says “you go and tell him the story.”

Jorge: I thought it was pretty dumb, but it was cute. Cause he gets home, and he’s like “let’s go shopping”. I was like Okay, obviously it was his favorite mall here called  Fashion Valley, so we go and he’s leading the way, he starts walking towards Tiffany and I was like “what the hell are you doing? Why are we here?” and he’s like “We’re just gonna look around” and then he asked for the ring and I was like “God damn it, he’s going to just do it right here” and we were having the hardest time finding the ring size, because his fingers are skinny.

After the one we liked, he just looked me in the eyes and was like “… You know what we have to do right?”

He never specifically asked “Will you marry me?” he just said “You know what you have to do?”, apparently when you buy Tiffany, you have to say “Yes”, regardless.

Neil: “No you don’t have to”.

Jorge: So he didn’t get on one knee, he pretty much had the ring in his hand and was just like “You know you have to”.

Neil: Easy right?

Jorge: I think he found the easy way out.

So when did you guys get married?

Jorge and Neil: August 13th.

Neil: Is it really? The 13th? I thought it was the 12th? Just kidding.

Jorge:  The 13th goddammit, Chinese Valentines Day.

Neil: Ya, this year.

How was your wedding day?

Jorge: We got up, showered, get ready, we were running late,

Neil: Kind of…

Jorge: I forgot his wallet.

Neil: Haha.

Jorge: We just drove to the courthouse, we met his friends there.

Neil: Yeah, she was the only one there…

Jorge: One witness, we didn’t want to invite everybody. And then we went to get Thai Food, his favorite..

Neil: What else?

Jorge: And we walked downtown in matching outfits. That was our only outing.

Neil: What did we do on like the other nights?

Jorge: We played drunken LoL (League of Legends).

Neil: Oh, but I was winning, but I wasn’t drinking.

Jorge: But that was our honeymoon celebration, playing drunken LoL…. We had pizza from the Bronx, chowed down on disgusting margaritas, we had plum wine.

Any advice of marriage?

Jorge: Ugh, communication is key. Haha, no, because he has a really hard time expressing his feelings. And when he is not in the mood to talk, then I’m the annoying one…Then I get stubborn when I’m feeling bad, like when I get quiet. I feel like running, I’m a runner and he hates it when I do that. But as long as you’re on the same page about everything, If you don’t feel comfortable about something, let them know. Just talking. Respect. The relationship is still very new, we’re still learning about each other. But overall, it’s just talking, make sure you’re talking.

Jorge and Neil both combined their surnames to Zhao-Ayon on Chinese Valentines Day (August 13th, 2013). Both are now done with school and they plan a wedding one day together with both of their families coming all together.

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